CrystalGraphics Return
Ruby: A Windows illustration package written in India by RAMCO.
In charge of development, user-testing and beta-sites.
Conducted product review interviews with users, beta-testers, and dealers.
Designed and produced Quick-Reference cards, marketing materials and package contents.
Wrote product comparison and positioning materials based on competitive evaluations and feedback.
Create tools that allow development teams to design within corporate guidelines.
MacTOPAS, TOPAS Pro and Flying Fonts packages: 3D modeling, rendering and animation software.
Designed user interfaces, wrote manuals, and wrote and designed marketing collateral.
Coordinated marketing and engineering tasks for product direction.

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  1. Ruby - An illustration program that had the concept of layers for each object.

  2. Watch Render - One of the tools I suggested was an alpha map for texture maps. This was my first image using the feature

  3. Ruby - Text Palettes

  4. Ruby - Image Placement Dialog

  5. Ruby - Multiple Duplicate Dialog

  6. Flying Fonts - This interface was designed to make 3D animation approachable for the general populace.

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